JSU Boomtown

JSU Boomtown was founded by the alumni of Jacksonville State University and is dedicated to supporting and following all JSU athletic programs. Come Early. Stay Late. Wear Red.

Our Message

Participation in the activities of JSU Boomtown can, and most likely will, lead to loud, crass, and even lewd behavior. This is a judgement free zone, unless you happen to be a supporter of anything dealing with troy state, ut-chattanooga, or southeast missouri, in which you will be harshly judged. Discussion of all things Jax State dominates most discussions – your participation is welcomed and encouraged. Above all else, arrive early, have fun, wear red, cheer loud, stay late, and always remember, WHUP TROY STATE!

The greatest privilege a man can possess is to live in Gamecock Country

JSU Boomtown members at the 2018 FCS Kickoff in Montgomery, AL